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District-Wide Grading Scale

100-90   A
89-80     B
79-70     C
69-60     D
59-0       F

Classroom Rules

Behavior Expectations     
   In our classroom, we follow a simple set of rules to ensure everyone is safe, and no one’s learning is interrupted. If your child follows the rules, you will see a green light on the behavior calendar. If your child does not follow the classroom rules, you will see a note in the calendar box for that day with the corresponding color for the day according the chart on the back of the folder. Conduct grades will be determined by the color recorded on the behavior calendar.

1st occurrence – warning
2nd – clip down to yellow/loss of 1 conduct point/student conference
3rd – clip down to orange/loss of 2 conduct points/removal from situation
4th – clip down to red/loss of 3 conduct points/loss of privileges
5th – parent contact/ Think Sheet
6th – office referral/loss of 5 conduct points

*Safety in the classroom is essential. A student who throws any object, knocks over furniture, or damages classroom materials will immediately lose 2 points.